Trifluoromethylator Scaled-Up Enabling Larger-Scale Trifluoromethylation

by catylixinc

Catylix has  successfully scaled-up the synthesis of its trifluoromethylation reagent, (1,10-phenanthroline trifluoromethylcopper). Trademarked as  Trifluoromethylator®, Catylix’s shelf-stable reagent for trifluoromethylation has unprecedented functional-group compatibility, allowing the derivatization of a broad range of aryl and vinyl iodides and bromides with a CF3 group under mild, near-ambient conditions.  The Trifluoromethylator® reagent is currently distributed for Catylix through Sigma-Aldrich and Strem Chemical Company. For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us at

Trifluoromethylator: CAS 1300746-79-5

Trifluoromethylator, a broadly useful reagent for trifluoromethylation

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